Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Victor Equipment Wheels Introduces the new Rotary Forged®/RF™ Wurttemburg design

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Victor Equipment Wheels is a leader in aftermarket wheel options specializing in Porsche specific fitments. All available wheel designs are designed with only Porsche vehicles in mind and engineered exclusively to perform optimally with Porsche applications. For 2017, the newest addition to the Victor Equipment lineup is our boldest design to date.

The Wurttemburg is a cutting-edge hybrid style of dynamic angles and precision detailing. Unique webbing casts a nice highlight for each window as it intersects the barrel and compliments the mechanical chiseled sculpting upon each undulating spoke. This split tapering variable design is a nod to the Porsches core technological progression of style. To suit your personal taste, the Wurttemburg is offered in two standard finishes; Gunmetal w/ Mirror Cut Face and Matte Black w/ Gloss Black Face. A two-tone finish accentuates the shape and contouring of the spoke design while remaining subtle enough to complement your Porsche.

A high performance vehicle requires a high performance wheel. Victor Equipment Wheels uses a proprietary Rotary Forged®/RF™ manufacturing process to increase barrel strength while reducing overall weight in comparison to the traditional cast wheel. The rim of the wheels is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. Most importantly, the weight saving is in the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance. The end result is an affordable wheel which retains structural properties of a more expensive fully forged wheel.

In order to offer compatibility with as many Porsche vehicles as possible, the Wurttemburg is offered in 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, and 22” configurations with a variety of staggered and non-staggered fitments. Numerous offsets are also offered to fit perfectly on both narrow body and wide body chassis.

As with all Victor Equipment Porsche wheels, the Wurttemburg is engineered specifically for Porsche applications. No spacers or hub rings are required to achieve a perfect fitment. All Victor Equipment wheels are compatible with the OE Porsche TPMS sensors as well as the OE center cap.

To assist in making your purchasing process as simple as possible, Victor Equipment website features a vehicle fitment guide in which you can input your Porsche's year and model to pull up compatible designs. In addition to this, a live inventory showcases which Porsche rims are currently in stock at Victor Equipment's numerous distribution centers across the country.
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Friday, October 20, 2017

Avant Garde's Customer Appreciation

Avant Garde Wheels wants to say THANK YOU to all of you guys and future owners for your loyalty!

In celebration, get $100 off on all M500 series and $200 off on all M600 series! Also, they are launching the new M650 that we have all been waiting for!

Here are just some some of our awesome past customers!

Porsche 997 - M590 Matte Brushed Clear

Ferrari F430 - M580 Matte Brushed Grigio

Audi A5/S5 - M590 Matte Brushed Black Nickel

Lexus GS-F - M615 Silver Machined

Nissan 370Z - M621 Gloss Brushed Black

Jaguar XK - M540 Chrome

Infiniti Q60RS - M632 Gloss Kingsport Grey

Ford Mustang GT - M621 Gloss Bronze Burst

Tesla Model S - M621 Gloss Bronze Burst

Audi S4 - M510 Gloss Black Graphite

Nissan 370Z - M590 Gloss White

Ferrari F360 - M510 Race Gold

Infiniti Q70 - M590 Gloss Brushed Polished

Applies to Wheel&Tire packages as well!
Free Black or Chrome Lug Nuts with your order

19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X11

19X8.5 | 19X9.5
20X9 | 2X10.5

19X8.5 | 19X9.5

19X8.5 | 19X9.5
20X8.5 | 20X10

19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X11
20X8.5 | 20X10

19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X10 | 19X11
20X9 | 20X9.5 | 20X10 | 20X11 | 20X12

19X8.5 | 19X9.5
20X8.5 | 20X9.5 | 20X10 | 20X11

19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X11
20X9 | 20X10 | 20X10.5 | 20X11 | 20X12

19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X10 | 19X11
20X9 | 20X9.5 | 20X10.5 | 20X11

M650 *NEW*
19X8.5 | 19X9.5 | 19X10 | 19X11
20X9 | 20X9.5 | 20X10 | 20X10.5 | 20X11

19X8.5 | 19X9.5
20X8.5 | 20X10.5
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flow Forged | Rotary Forged | Flow Formed | Spun Forged

How a wheel is constructed was always important whether you're just cruising down the street or catching the weekend's track event. Many of us wanted really protect our biggest investment, our car, so consumers always sought out forged wheels or multi-piece wheels with forged rims/barrels. To others, we've bit the bullet and went with a cast wheel just to add some styling queues to our daily driver. To others, we had the option of going with couple brands like Enkei or WedsSport with wheels made with a flow forged process for our weekend track car with some sort of race inspired design. Today, many brands have utilized this process to bring you not just sporty and race inspired designs but to bring some luxury queues of the timeless multi-piece wheels with today's sharper edged designs.

Photo Courtesy: Avant Garde Wheels

As the title states, these type of cast forging process is a very unique method combining cost effective casting process with mass production. A typical gravity or low pressure cast wheel just stops here at casting the wheel but weight factors play a major roll with face design and size. Left with a lump of cast aluminum around the wheel rim, the cast wheel is then taken over to it's final construction step to have the wheel rim forged out. Placed on a mandrel, the wheel is spun and combining steel rollers with high heat treatment, the wheel rim is rolled out creating a flow formed, or insert of one of title combinations, structure of the wheel rim that of similar to a forged wheel. This process creates a wheel with majority of the wheel's weight being only on the face with a stronger and lightened wheel rim structure to greatly reduce overall weight of the wheels.

Photo Courtesy: Vorsteiner Wheels

However, as the more intricate the designs become, overall weight savings turns into saving couple pounds compared to a similar cast wheel with a similar design as more material would be needed to create a wheel (more spokes, more material). But at the end, you get a much more durable wheel rim to absorb impacts from those accidental trips over those pesky potholes or steel road construction plates. Wheel rim forging also has a slight disadvantage over the traditional casting method with a higher cost due to the multi-process construction.

Photo Courtesy: WedsSport

Today, many wheel companies take advantage of this process to create larger wheels to help save weight for consumer's today with automobile companies, like Honda, turning to factory 20" wheels just like the new Civic Type-R. Check out some of the newest designs out available in today's market and let us know if you have any questions for your car's next upgrade.

Forgestar CF10 in Gloss Brushed Clear

Avant Garde M652 in Silver Machined

Rohana RFX10 in Brushed Titanium

Stance SF01 in Brushed Silver

Vorsteiner V-FF 103 in Brushed Gunmetal

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