Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Andrew's 370Z on Gloss Grigio Avant Garde M310's

Not all wheels start and end the same way. Andrew found us on the 370Z forum where we are a wheel sponsor. 350Z & 370Z's are one of our most common cars where we know the fitment like the back of our hand.

Andrew was interested in a set Avant Garde M310's for his 370Z. The Avant Garde M310's are also a very popular design, and available from Avant Garde in a perfect 370Z fitment that doesn't require spacers or custom work. So on that note, we were set and didn't need to advise Andrew any further on fitment and tire choice.

However, Andrew wanted something a little different than the standard Matte Black or Hyper Silver that the M310's came in. We do ceramic powder-coating for all of our clients so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Andrew was looking for a darker shade that would contrast nicely against his black Z, without being too flashy. We ended up going back and fourth between a few options and finally settled on Gloss Grigio. This is a new color by Avant Garde for their Forged line which we were able to acquire for these M310's.

We're always happy to see the finished product, with the wheels mounted on a beautiful, sunny day such as this. I think the final result speaks for itself. A well balanced mix between classy and sporty on a classic design!


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