Friday, December 20, 2013

GetYourWheel'sTop 3 Wheels for 2013

Amidst the frenzy of shipping last minute Christmas orders out, yelling at the powdercoater for not including enough sparkles in the finish, and as always, responding to PM's and fitment advice, we finally have a small window of silence from all the daily chatter, and we decided to go over this year's top three wheels we've sold. While we are not on any truck or SUV forums - something we'll be focusing on this coming year - we are on a variety of automotive forums ranging from Infinity all the way to Ford. As a result, we see a lot of variety in the choices our customers decide on in their quest to finding the perfect wheel to compliment their car.

The top three wheels of this year are completely unbiased and includes any type of wheel we've sent out. This includes forged wheels, flow-formed wheels, cast wheels, and custom wheels. Wheels designed strictly for track use to 24-Karat Gold Plated wheels.

The 3rd most popular wheel this year goes to Volk Racing's TE37 SL. Easy to see why this made the list - the TE37 SL is Volk's most recent addition for the serious track enthusiast looking for a lightweight, track setup with plenty of brake clearance.

Next up we have a new release from Avant Garde Wheels. While it was only made available as of late 2013, the Avant Garde M510 was quickly adopted by enthusiasts and gained traction with all makes and models. Due to the ease of customization - thanks to Avant Garde's Bespoke program - the M510 was adopted rather effortlessly by enthusiasts from all our forums.

Finally, the most popular wheel this year is easily the Forgestar F14. The classic split-spoke design accompanied by Forgestar's Super Deep Concave profile is a no-brainer when looking for a wheel that's flow-formed and tailor built to your own specifications.

Thanks for reading and we wish everyone a happy holiday!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forgestar F14's in Eastern Sierra

Dennis lives in the High Country of the Eastern Sierra. Dennis is actually a previous customer of ours and gave us a call in anticipation of his new 2014 Accord Coupe, fitted with the full HFP Aero Kit. He was closing the deal in a few days and wanted to discuss what his wheel options were.

As a classy gentleman and the unique atmosphere of the Eastern Sierra, we wanted to complete the car with a wheel that would endure all-year driving duties, without being too flashy all while retaining a OE+ look. While the parts of the Eastern Sierra does see light snow about 2-3 days a year, it wasn't something that required year-round snow tires.

However, we did take into consideration that a quiet drive, predictable handling, and a comfortable tire that was adaptable under different temperature extremes was a requirement. We decided on the Continental Extreme DW's. for this setup (Continental also makes the Exteme DWS which is capable of snowy road conditions).

We wanted a wheel style that complimented the factory body lines and wasn't too radical. Another requirement was a flush fitment, without spacers and without having to roll the fenders. This meant we needed to dial in a precise offset to accommodate the wheels, as we didn't want to run a stretched tire. We decided on 19x9 Forgestar Deep Concave F14's, with a more aggressive rear offset as the factory wheels are naturally sunken in further, thus needed the extra padding in the rear to bring them flush.

We're really happy with the way it turned out and Dennis is beyond ecstatic. It may not be a "show" worthy setup, but the Gloss Silver F14's was exactly what Dennis was looking for when he wanted to spruce up his 2014 Accord Coupe!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Avant Garde's New Bespoke Series

Kicking off the second part of the year, Avant Garde Wheels has released their much anticipated Bespoke series. Launching this program with their two new flagship designs, the Avant Garde M510, and the Avant Garde M590, Avant Garde is opening their doors to allow clients to take a shot at tailoring their own individual wheel fitment, finish and color.

This will open doors for many distinguished individuals looking to tailor their own wheel fitment and color treatment, sans the Forged wheel prices and wait time. Manufacturing and color processing has been rumored to be within 2 weeks, which is considered speedy for a bespoke wheel setup. A breath of fresh air for those with difficult offset needs and not-so-popular bolt patterns as this will allow complete flexibility and a plug and play fitment.

Avant Garde M590 - Deep Concave

Avant Garde M510 - Deep Concave

Lookout for more sizes and styles joining this duo soon!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Andrew's 370Z on Gloss Grigio Avant Garde M310's

Not all wheels start and end the same way. Andrew found us on the 370Z forum where we are a wheel sponsor. 350Z & 370Z's are one of our most common cars where we know the fitment like the back of our hand.

Andrew was interested in a set Avant Garde M310's for his 370Z. The Avant Garde M310's are also a very popular design, and available from Avant Garde in a perfect 370Z fitment that doesn't require spacers or custom work. So on that note, we were set and didn't need to advise Andrew any further on fitment and tire choice.

However, Andrew wanted something a little different than the standard Matte Black or Hyper Silver that the M310's came in. We do ceramic powder-coating for all of our clients so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Andrew was looking for a darker shade that would contrast nicely against his black Z, without being too flashy. We ended up going back and fourth between a few options and finally settled on Gloss Grigio. This is a new color by Avant Garde for their Forged line which we were able to acquire for these M310's.

We're always happy to see the finished product, with the wheels mounted on a beautiful, sunny day such as this. I think the final result speaks for itself. A well balanced mix between classy and sporty on a classic design!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Honda Accord Coupe on Avant Garde M368's

With summer in full effect, we've been seeing a lot more activity from My9thGen 2013+ Honda Accord Forums. We've just gotten Ti's 19" Avant Garde M368's back from the powder coating shop and he couldn't wait to get them installed, so he ended up coming down the same day.
Initially planning to go with 20" Avant Garde M368's, Ti decided to stick with 19's as his car is going to be lowered and also his daily driver. The final result looks classy, yet aggressive. It's got a flush fitment without needing any spacers or fender modifications. This staggered set runs 19x8.5 and 19x9.5 with 235's in the front and 275's in the rear for a meaty, flush look.

Inquire with us if you are looking for some aftermarket wheels for your Accord with proper fitment!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Full Faced And Deeply Concaved

Full Faced and Deep Concaved - that's certainly a mouth full! Accord Enthusiast, Vincent, from, a sister site of which is a Honda Accord forum stopped by to mount some new Falken FK453's on his Velgen wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Accord Sedan Entering Into Deep Concavity

The Falken FK453's are a replacement to the old Falken FK452's which are slowly being phased out as Falken is just clearing out the last of their stock. The Ultra-High Performance tires are great for those looking for a reliable tire, low on road noise and great in the grip and comfort department. They work well for aggressive fitments and also have a sporty look to them. They are available in 17" to 22" fitments and in today's case, Vincent went with 245/30/20's and 275/30/20's in the rear.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Falken's New Flagship Performance Tire - FK453

The 245/30/20 Falkens look great on the 20"x9" wheels with almost being perfectly square with just a tiny bit of stretch to give them a sporty feel and also keeping the rims protected. Likewise, the 275/30/20's on the 20"x10.5" wheels look to be in perfect proportion and highlight the concavity of the wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Concave Goodness
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Test Fitting
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Full Faced And Deeply Concaved
While we no longer carry Velgen wheels, however, there are plenty of other full-face, concave wheels that have just been released that are worth considering.

Take a look at the following deep concave wheels below to fulfill your concave desires:

Avant Garde M510 Wheels
Avant Garde M510

Avant Garde M550 Wheels
Avant Garde M550

Concept One CS-55 Wheels
Concept One CS-55

Forgestar F14 Super Deep Wheels
Forgestar F14 Super Deep

Stance SC-6IX Wheels
Stance SC-6IX

Vossen CV7 Wheels
Vossen CV7

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brushed Gunmetal Meets Burnt Titanium

We're just getting ready to ship out yet another finished set of ADV.1 Wheels (also known as Advance One Wheels) to our client for his CLS63 AMG. This set of ADV.1 Wheels consists of a staggered 20x9 and 20x11 set. Starting of as raw ADV6 MV2's, these custom forged wheels went through a series of machining, finishing, and custom hardware choices to arrive as we see them here in their current state.

It's well established that ADV.1 wheels aren't known to be the cheapest forged wheels around, however, there is a certain appeal that premium custom forged wheels carry. While actual wheel and spoke design are a large deciding factor, there are those who require an even more intricate level of bespoke wheel customization.

ADV.1 ADV6 MV2 Matte Brushed Gunmetal
This Brushed Matte Gunmetal finish is a perfect example of the many tiers of personalization each step of the process permits. Starting with the hue and tone of the base Gunmetal finish, the texture of the finish, and lastly the sheen of the clear coat. The details in the hardware, in which our current example showcases the titanium hardware with a laser etched ADV.1 logo. And finally, the specific offset, diameter, width and spoke design to allow a perfect fitment while accommodating to the performance brake calipers are all part of what make custom wheels worth it to select individuals.

ADV.1 ADV6 MV2 Matte Brushed Gunmetal - Titanium Hardware Detail

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tailor Made BMW F10 M5 Fitments Available

As always, we make an effort to go above and beyond. Customer service above your expectations and technical know-how beyond our competitors. While others rely on 3rd party information for fitment details, we understand that as an enthusiast, you want a wheel setup and fitment that is perfect fitting down to the millimeter.
BMW F10 M5 OE Performance Brake Caliper

BMW F10 M5 waiting for a fitment evaluation
Today we are doing measurements on a brand new BMW F10 M5 to make sure that the factory big brake calipers are accounted for, as well as the available space inside the wheel wells. Some of you may notice that we make suggested fitments and suggested wheel and tire packages based on your car, make and model on our website.

Factory Fender Clearance
Every make and model has a specific fitment and range depending on the drivers preference, and we tailor each fitment based on actual research, experience and compatibility with the over load rating, brake clearance, fender clearance and intended purpose. Simple put, all our fitments are tailor made specific to you, not just pulled of some generic site.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BimmerFest 2013 With Avant Garde Wheels

This past weekend, we were invited to BimmerFest 2013 in Pasadena to attend the 14th Annual BMW festival where we got a chance to hang out with some of the crew of Avant Garde Wheels. There were over 2000 BMW's registered for this event, not to mention at least another few hundred in the side lots and others that simply didn't register online. Point being, it's the biggest BMW event for enthusiasts and fans alike.

There were a plethora of BMW M3's, M5's X5M's, X6M's and literally anything BMW has ever made was there. There were a ton of other wheel vendors there displaying their wheels and we got to catch up with a few of the manufacturers. Amongst those were Vossen Wheels, Stance Wheels, Vertini Wheels, Forgestar Wheels, Volk Wheels and of course Avant Garde Wheels! They all had a great selection of new wheels for the up and coming BMW's that are being released this year. Stance already has a few sets out on the F30 BMW, which is the new 3-series chassis.

Avant Garde Wheels was also displaying their line up of their new Forged Wheels as well as their new designs for the Cast Wheels. Amongst a few interesting colors, their Red Velvet F340 which is the Mesh Monoblock Forged Wheel as well as their Tiffany Blue F230 which is their Reverse Lip 5-Spoke Wheel.

Avant Garde also brought out a BMW X6M in a Matte Black Vinyl Wrap, on 22" M310's also in Matte Black. Sitting next to the Matte Black X6M was a Matte Orange E90 M3 on M550's in Hyper Silver, wrapped by Unique Auto Films. There was also a F10 550i wrapped in Matte white on 21" M510's and a BMW 335i Convertible rockin' some M510's with the Deep Concave!

Lastly, we were also blessed to hang out with Erica Nagashima from Hankook and Jessica Draven!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The OEM+ 2012 Accord Coupe

Every now and then we get very selective clients. Clients that are very particular with their needs and wants. I'm talking about clients that are concerned about the weight of the tire, the load rating of the wheel, and also how squared the tire looks in contrast to the profile of the wheel.

Most of our clientele that are particular with such minute details like the tire sidewall stretch, or amount of concavity is usually more-so geared towards the show and "flush" automotive scene. While our staff here at GetYourWheels is well-versed with the fitment scene, we know that there are enthusiasts who want a realistic wheel setup, yet are still particular about those intricate details.

We're just getting ready to ship out a set of TSW Interlagos in 19x8.5 +43 mounted with 245/40/19 Continental DW's. This Accord client wanted a wheel and tire setup that he would be able to rotate freely without having to dismount the tires and re-balance them again. He also wanted to make sure the TSW wheels would be wide enough to accommodate the 245-series Continental DW's without stretching them and giving it a ever so slightly meaty look.

Of course, the Continentals and Road Force Balanced and Nitrogen Air Filled. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) were also installed so the client wouldn't have any downtime from the moment he receives his wheels. I'm confident that he'll be satisfied with the overall package taking weight, look, and also budget into consideration!

TSW Interlagos 19x8.5 +43
Continental DW 245/40/19
45.4lbs Mounted and Balanced

We'll update the blog once we get some pictures of these mounted!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

370Z Goes Blue

It's always a treat seeing customer cars after they get their wheels mounted up and cleaned up. That's exactly what Tefft did from Kentucky after receiving his Forgestar F14's in custom Magnesium Blue. The Forgestar F14's in 19x9.5 and 19x11 in the rear compliment his Black 370Z exceptionally well! The beauty with Forgestars is that you can run a custom offset, allowing you to dial in the exact flush fitment without the need to complicate things with spacers.

Forgestar F14 Magnesium Blue 19x9.5/19x11

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Last Of Avant Garde M560's

About a year ago, we've got news that Work will be releasing the last of their Work Varianza T1S in collaboration with Avant Garde Wheels. This batch is literally the last of Varianza's and come in a special Avant Garde colorway known as Dolphin Gray. Being sold under the Avant Garde label these are known as the Avant Garde M560.

While there are only a handful of sets left until these are completely discontinued, they may be the last and only way to get yourself a set of brand new Varianzas/M560's.

Available only in 19x9.5 and 19x11 in 5x114.3.

Nissan 370Z Avant Garde M560 19x9.5 & 19x11
Nissan 370Z Avant Garde M560 Dolphin Gray 19"
Infinity G35 on Avant Garde M560's
Avant Garde M560's Dolphin Gray 19x9.5 & 19x11
AG M560 19x9.5

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Spying On Our Neighbors Turbo

Every now and then we get something that just works. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or like today, a 997 Porsche Turbo and Avant Garde's new M510 wheels. These wheels are seriously one of our favorite wheels, for almost any car. The split 5-spoke design just works, for reasons unknown. The bold concavity and it's subtle details just make this wheel stand out, but not in a gaudy flashy way you'd expect.

Our customer wanted his set of 19x8.5 and 19x11 M510's custom powdercoated in Gunmetal to compliment the darker theme of his black Porsche Turbo. Wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports, this combination suits this 500hp beast well!

Porsche Turbo 997 on Avant Garde M510 19x8.5 & 19x11
Avant Garde M510 Porsche Fitment
Custom Gunmetal Powdercoat & BBK Clearance
Porsche fitment required no spacers!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

VW MK5 GTI Airs Out On Some Avant Garde M220

We had Fan's Red MK5 GTI in yesterday as well as Scott Chu to snap a few pictures of his Avant Garde M220's that we just mounted. Fan went with the staggered set of M220's in 18x8 in the front and 18x9 in the rear for that aggressive stance and also to compliment the subtle body lines of the GTI.

There are a lot of stanced GTI's and Volkwagens, but Fan's GTI is definitely one of the cleaner ones without being too excessive in all aspects. It's also still fully daily driveable.

Fan's GTI on Avant Garde M220 18x8 & 18x9

Side Profile Shot of the Avant Garde M220 18x8 & 18x9

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