Friday, June 14, 2013

Full Faced And Deeply Concaved

Full Faced and Deep Concaved - that's certainly a mouth full! Accord Enthusiast, Vincent, from, a sister site of which is a Honda Accord forum stopped by to mount some new Falken FK453's on his Velgen wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Accord Sedan Entering Into Deep Concavity

The Falken FK453's are a replacement to the old Falken FK452's which are slowly being phased out as Falken is just clearing out the last of their stock. The Ultra-High Performance tires are great for those looking for a reliable tire, low on road noise and great in the grip and comfort department. They work well for aggressive fitments and also have a sporty look to them. They are available in 17" to 22" fitments and in today's case, Vincent went with 245/30/20's and 275/30/20's in the rear.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Falken's New Flagship Performance Tire - FK453

The 245/30/20 Falkens look great on the 20"x9" wheels with almost being perfectly square with just a tiny bit of stretch to give them a sporty feel and also keeping the rims protected. Likewise, the 275/30/20's on the 20"x10.5" wheels look to be in perfect proportion and highlight the concavity of the wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Concave Goodness
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Test Fitting
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Full Faced And Deeply Concaved
While we no longer carry Velgen wheels, however, there are plenty of other full-face, concave wheels that have just been released that are worth considering.

Take a look at the following deep concave wheels below to fulfill your concave desires:

Avant Garde M510 Wheels
Avant Garde M510

Avant Garde M550 Wheels
Avant Garde M550

Concept One CS-55 Wheels
Concept One CS-55

Forgestar F14 Super Deep Wheels
Forgestar F14 Super Deep

Stance SC-6IX Wheels
Stance SC-6IX

Vossen CV7 Wheels
Vossen CV7


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