Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forgestar F14's in Eastern Sierra

Dennis lives in the High Country of the Eastern Sierra. Dennis is actually a previous customer of ours and gave us a call in anticipation of his new 2014 Accord Coupe, fitted with the full HFP Aero Kit. He was closing the deal in a few days and wanted to discuss what his wheel options were.

As a classy gentleman and the unique atmosphere of the Eastern Sierra, we wanted to complete the car with a wheel that would endure all-year driving duties, without being too flashy all while retaining a OE+ look. While the parts of the Eastern Sierra does see light snow about 2-3 days a year, it wasn't something that required year-round snow tires.

However, we did take into consideration that a quiet drive, predictable handling, and a comfortable tire that was adaptable under different temperature extremes was a requirement. We decided on the Continental Extreme DW's. for this setup (Continental also makes the Exteme DWS which is capable of snowy road conditions).

We wanted a wheel style that complimented the factory body lines and wasn't too radical. Another requirement was a flush fitment, without spacers and without having to roll the fenders. This meant we needed to dial in a precise offset to accommodate the wheels, as we didn't want to run a stretched tire. We decided on 19x9 Forgestar Deep Concave F14's, with a more aggressive rear offset as the factory wheels are naturally sunken in further, thus needed the extra padding in the rear to bring them flush.

We're really happy with the way it turned out and Dennis is beyond ecstatic. It may not be a "show" worthy setup, but the Gloss Silver F14's was exactly what Dennis was looking for when he wanted to spruce up his 2014 Accord Coupe!

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