Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Audi Love, Volume 8: Jeremy's A6 and Peter's S7 on Avant Garde Wheels

Audizine finally released their much anticipated video from when they were down in So.Cal at the Avant Garde headquarters recording Jeremy Serra's A6 and Peter Han's S7.

Jeremy's A6 is sitting on Avant Garde M510 wheels in 20x10 +35 all around, while Peter's S7 is sitting on Avant Garde M310's in a 20x10 +35 offset as well.

While Jeremy's Audi A6 is lowered on coilovers and the Audi S7 is only mildly lowered on the factory air suspension.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trend Spotting: Nissan Z Fitment

With all the rage and popularity of running the widest wheel and most aggressive fitment, it's easy for us at GetYourWheels to spot motorsport enthusiasts who favor function over form make a come back. While we used to get a lot of tire stretch inquiries, we are seeing a lot more orders asking how much tire they can fit on a certain wheel width.

We understand that stretched tires and meaty tires have they own purpose and place. We wanted to share a Nissan Z client that we had just shipped his Forgestar F14's to in a 19x12 fitment for the rears. While most go with a 285 or 295, we were surprised to see him pushing the envelope into an even more aggressive tire fitment.

What you see below is a pair 325/30/20 Nitto Invo on Forgestar F14's in 19x12" wide setup. This is going to look rad and we can't wait to see it mounted!

Nitto Invo 325/30/20 mounted on Forgestar F14 19x12

Nitto Invo's Rad Thread Pattern

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Riding shotgun with Avant Garde Wheels at Formula Drift: Long Beach

We were invited this weekend to checkout the Formula Drift event with Avant Garde Wheels as they were showing off some of  their new wheel designs for 2013. More importantly, Toshiki Yoshioka, who is competing in this years Formula Drift Championship, decided that Avant Garde Wheels are the wheels of choice for his drift prep'd BRZ.

Along with a few of the other sponsors such as Yokohoma, Sparco, Garrett, and Stage 10, Avant Garde hopes that Toshi will have a successful season as he is gearing up and getting ready for the hill climb at Pike's Peak.

Yoshi's team differs greatly from the other factory backed teams and has even been called the "underdog" team. With a crew of only 3, Yoshi can be seen changing his own tires and fine tuning his car between battles. A true privateer spirit that fans reacted and cheered towards.

We're glad that we got access to some of the images of the build up as well as some action shots of the drift event at Long Beach.

Follow @Toshiking86 on Instagram for his latest drift updates.
Drift Ready and Race Prep'd BRZ on Avant Garde F130 Forged Wheels
ToshiKing and his minimal crew.
C-West, Yokohoma, Projec Mu, Sparco and Avant Garde Wheels were all key sponsors.
Showing off the step lips and Grigio Finish on the AG F130's!
Fans congratulating Toshi after a great qualifying lap
Pit area & Racer Meet and Greet
Staging for qualifying
Multiple sets of Avant Garde Function wheels for Formula Drift and Pike's Peak.
Qualifying for placement. Also the first time Toshi's actually driving the car fully functional.
Leading the battle against Frederic Aasbo in a RWD Scion TC.
Staging for the last battle of the day at Formula Drift Long Beach. #FDLB

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Avant Garde Wheels gets the Tiffany Blues

Every now and then, we get special customers who want something a little different. Whether it's a wild fitment or expensive wheel, they have a masterpiece in mind of what they want their empty canvas of a car to look like.

This week was no different, as we had a client that wanted a Tiffany Blue full face wheel for her car. While unique and catchy colors on wheels are usually always interesting and visually pleasing, there is always a fine balance of just right and too much.

We were glad she decided on the M550's from Avant Garde, which normally come in the OE Matte Machined Silver, Matte Black and Dolphin Gray, as they make a great wheel that is simple in design, and really works well with the color choice. A busy wheel with too many other colors and textures going on may have been too complex.

Hopefully we get to see how they look on her car, but for now we've got a quick shot before shipping it out.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

BTS With Audizine & Avant Garde Wheels

You may have noticed a lot of our new threads showcasing the new Avant Garde M510's on the message board as of recently. The M510's are finally in stock and ready to ship, and we also have a few pictures tagging along with Avant Garde and the crew from Audizine while they visited the Avant Garde Facility in Southern California.

Better yet, we got news that the M510's will be available in a 21" version as well! That's great news for all the bigger body cars such as Panamera's, S7's, and the like.

Anyway, Audizine has shared a small teaser with us featuring the S7 on AG M310's and the A6 on AG M510's. Avant Garde is one of the most versatile wheels we carry along with TSW's as they work well with a lot of different chassis styles.

 Once we have the full version of the video from Audizine, we'll make sure to share it with all of you. For now, here is the teaser featuring the 2013 Audi A6 on the 20" M510's and S7 on 20" M310's.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Due to popular requests, we are bringing back our blog and giving you ,GetYourWheel fans, a bit of what's going on behind the scenes. We'll be posting up daily updates of interesting sets and fitments that are going out to our customers and we will soon also be doing video reviews of some of the design features and explaining some of the technicalities of the products we carry.

Also, if you haven't done so yet, Like our Facebook page as we will be starting to post special sales, such as the Volk Wheel Closeout we just had, as well as GetYourWheel giveaways! Secondly, our GYW Instagram has been seeing a lot of love lately, so follow us there for some interesting behind the scene bits of what's going on in the wheel industry.

Remember, we're on Live Chat if you have any questions in regards to what wheel offset means, how our tires are mounted, or what in the world hub-centric means. Simply chat us and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have!
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