Friday, June 14, 2013

Full Faced And Deeply Concaved

Full Faced and Deep Concaved - that's certainly a mouth full! Accord Enthusiast, Vincent, from, a sister site of which is a Honda Accord forum stopped by to mount some new Falken FK453's on his Velgen wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Accord Sedan Entering Into Deep Concavity

The Falken FK453's are a replacement to the old Falken FK452's which are slowly being phased out as Falken is just clearing out the last of their stock. The Ultra-High Performance tires are great for those looking for a reliable tire, low on road noise and great in the grip and comfort department. They work well for aggressive fitments and also have a sporty look to them. They are available in 17" to 22" fitments and in today's case, Vincent went with 245/30/20's and 275/30/20's in the rear.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Falken's New Flagship Performance Tire - FK453

The 245/30/20 Falkens look great on the 20"x9" wheels with almost being perfectly square with just a tiny bit of stretch to give them a sporty feel and also keeping the rims protected. Likewise, the 275/30/20's on the 20"x10.5" wheels look to be in perfect proportion and highlight the concavity of the wheels.

Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Concave Goodness
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Test Fitting
Accord-Wheels-20"-Falken FK453-GetYourWheels
Full Faced And Deeply Concaved
While we no longer carry Velgen wheels, however, there are plenty of other full-face, concave wheels that have just been released that are worth considering.

Take a look at the following deep concave wheels below to fulfill your concave desires:

Avant Garde M510 Wheels
Avant Garde M510

Avant Garde M550 Wheels
Avant Garde M550

Concept One CS-55 Wheels
Concept One CS-55

Forgestar F14 Super Deep Wheels
Forgestar F14 Super Deep

Stance SC-6IX Wheels
Stance SC-6IX

Vossen CV7 Wheels
Vossen CV7

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brushed Gunmetal Meets Burnt Titanium

We're just getting ready to ship out yet another finished set of ADV.1 Wheels (also known as Advance One Wheels) to our client for his CLS63 AMG. This set of ADV.1 Wheels consists of a staggered 20x9 and 20x11 set. Starting of as raw ADV6 MV2's, these custom forged wheels went through a series of machining, finishing, and custom hardware choices to arrive as we see them here in their current state.

It's well established that ADV.1 wheels aren't known to be the cheapest forged wheels around, however, there is a certain appeal that premium custom forged wheels carry. While actual wheel and spoke design are a large deciding factor, there are those who require an even more intricate level of bespoke wheel customization.

ADV.1 ADV6 MV2 Matte Brushed Gunmetal
This Brushed Matte Gunmetal finish is a perfect example of the many tiers of personalization each step of the process permits. Starting with the hue and tone of the base Gunmetal finish, the texture of the finish, and lastly the sheen of the clear coat. The details in the hardware, in which our current example showcases the titanium hardware with a laser etched ADV.1 logo. And finally, the specific offset, diameter, width and spoke design to allow a perfect fitment while accommodating to the performance brake calipers are all part of what make custom wheels worth it to select individuals.

ADV.1 ADV6 MV2 Matte Brushed Gunmetal - Titanium Hardware Detail

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