Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Avant Garde's New Bespoke Series

Kicking off the second part of the year, Avant Garde Wheels has released their much anticipated Bespoke series. Launching this program with their two new flagship designs, the Avant Garde M510, and the Avant Garde M590, Avant Garde is opening their doors to allow clients to take a shot at tailoring their own individual wheel fitment, finish and color.

This will open doors for many distinguished individuals looking to tailor their own wheel fitment and color treatment, sans the Forged wheel prices and wait time. Manufacturing and color processing has been rumored to be within 2 weeks, which is considered speedy for a bespoke wheel setup. A breath of fresh air for those with difficult offset needs and not-so-popular bolt patterns as this will allow complete flexibility and a plug and play fitment.

Avant Garde M590 - Deep Concave

Avant Garde M510 - Deep Concave

Lookout for more sizes and styles joining this duo soon!

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